About me

I'm Norwegian and work with leadership development at a hospital in Bergen. I debuted as an indie author in 2022 with the novel that has now been translated into English. To my great delight and surprise, the novel was extremely well received by the readers. I had few expectations while writing and have never harbored a dream of becoming an author. 

Nevertheless, it was very rewarding to bring my thoughts, ideas, and characters into a literary framework. I had an excellent editor who motivated me from the sidelines. Large parts of the novel were written while I was alone for shorter and longer periods in my little refuge along the Budva Riviera in Montenegro.

The age of self-exposure is the background for this novel. Illusions based on external success and flawless status updates, coupled with our strong longing for the perfect family life, can evoke powerful emotions. "Una, Unwanted" is the reverse Long Lost Family story, with a satirical look at the self-help industry and an underlying seriousness.

After the book launch, I have been invited to book clubs, library events, book signings, and a literary festival together with established authors. It is, of course, a great honor for a little indie like me. Many of my friends and acquaintances internationally encouraged me to have the book translated, and so it is now.

I have three adult children and a grandchild, a partner, and a cat with cerebral palsy who loves olives. I live in a red house in the countryside. I am currently playing with some new ideas, let's see how it turns out.

I hope you'll enjoy your reading!