About the novel - will be released  May 27th:

When Una, a child of infidelity, as an adult decides to do everything she can to reunite with her father, it is with a sense that something important is missing in her life. The father is the well-known motivational expert MotivaTor, and Una follows everything he does through YouTube and social media.
Inspired by his encouraging life advice, she finds the courage to seek him out to become a part of his life, despite warnings from those closest to her.
MotivaTor's inflated self-image is nourished by the admiration he receives from his audience, but does it reflect his actual life and personality?
Along the way in her quest for her father, Una realizes that everything she has dreamed of looks different than what she expected. When she gets to know her half-brother Kalle, her faith in her father takes a dramatic turn, and she makes a decisive choice.

A dark feel-good with Scandinavian flavour. Released in Norwegian in 2022, with brilliant reviews nationally.

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Some comments from the readers:

  • Recommended! Compelling storytelling, well-written, constructed as a psychological drama. Sharp satire and themes for reflection - with just the right glimpses of astronomy and philosophy.
  • Poignant, witty, and exciting all at once. The characters come across as vivid, nuanced, and credible in their pursuit of success in their lives. When one of the main characters simply works as a "MotivaTor," it sheds clear light on the self-destructive pursuit of external happiness. Stylistically reminiscent of the worlds that Helle Helle and Marit Eikemo enchant us with. Lots of humor, difficulty, and strangeness walking hand in hand. A bit like in real life! Highly recommended.
  • A book brimming with warmth, joy, curiosity, and melancholy. It's a book about everything one desires, and everything one believes they don't have. It's easy to relate to and perfect for Norwegian summer days - both the grey and the sunny.
  • Beautiful, painful, dramatic, and poignant. I am truly impressed.
  • I was completely engrossed from page one to the last. It's a beautiful language, and you have a very good pen; it was a pleasure to read. The story was compelling, warm, and painful at the same time. It's interesting to read between the lines about the self-images and life lies we humans create for ourselves. The book ended far too quickly.
  • You're conveying a powerful story on many levels. Your sharp insight and pitch-black humor come through very well. There's momentum in the text, and the character portrayals are well-crafted. It's easy to just devour the book in one go, but I chose to take some time.
  • I devoured it in two days. I feel you delicately plucked the feathers off the dream father. In that way, the book became a reminder of how fake people are on social media - and how many empty barrels roam the lecture industry.
  • Reading your book is almost like watching a movie. A visual and lively narrative about people who consciously and unconsciously nourish and suffer under life lies and secrets. The last 70 pages flew by, like in a crime story.(Ps: Thanks for the reminders about how creepy charlatans like MotivaTor really are)
  • I felt I had to pace my reading... so I wouldn't finish too quickly.
  • I love the blend of humor and darkness - and MotivaTor's easily recognizable narcissistic fragility. More books, please!
  • On a journey with Una. She feels like an old friend. Possibly because something in her resonates with me. Excited to follow the choices she makes. Do we really have free choices with what we carry and what it means to be human? The emptiness she feels inside isn't really empty but filled with unease and thoughts on how reality should have been. Reading the book slowly because the language and sentences are so good. A beautiful book by Elin F. Styve
  • Thank you so much for a fantastic reading experience. The book surprised me. I devoured it and became more and more desperate as I got closer to the last page. It was thought-provoking, poignant, and beautiful. 'It can't end now!' is the best feeling to be left with - a sign of a book that makes an impression. Now, I'm waiting for the next book.
  • This could be made into a movie!
  • The book is incredibly well-written and addresses many current themes for reflection! The satire is sharp, and there's no doubt about the stance regarding the relationship with the self-help industry.
  • You have a language that is a delight to read. This is the kind of book that you postpone putting down - just a little longer... Interesting relationships, both the main character longing for her father and her brother who wants distance from him. It's not difficult to understand both of them. MotivaTor as a person is hard to sympathize with, self-absorbed, and also a bit comical as you describe him, fixated on thoughts of his own greatness.