The gold in a supportive response


Unknown indies like me don't write to make money. But of course, we want to be read! That requires people like me to embrace the discomfort of promoting what we've created, stretching the tolerance of friends and acquaintances for repeated exposure to a message on social media, etc. It can be embarrassing, awkward, and feel a bit shameful. We just have to hope for the recipient's goodwill and understanding. When Una, Unwanted was recently published in both paper and electronic formats internationally, I had to swallow hard, close my eyes for a brief moment, and once again tackle what costs me the most: asking to be seen, read, and shared. Because that's basically what marketing is about, even though we can dress it up in many other fancy terms.

This time, I took the step with a handful of English-speaking friends and acquaintances. When the messages were sent, and I thought that maybe I had crossed a line, imagine what it means to immediately receive responses like these:

«It would be a pleasure to read it! So happy for you!» (French friend)

«I remember that I really wanted to read your book and that I wish I can read Norwegian haha, but I'm so glad I can read it in English now (…) I will pass it on to friends and give you my feedback when I have the chance» (Australian friend)

«Hi Elin congratulations on your book! Thank you for sharing this with me! My amazon order is arriving today 🤩 I am excited to read it!» (Dutch friend)

«Thank you for sharing (…) I will certainly take a look and I hope it gets traction here as well» (Canadian friend)

«I'll order and read the book for sure because I have been curious of the book for so long! And I'm thrilled that it's now in English! Cheers! And thanks again for sharing this great news!» (Friend from China)

Thank you so much, dear friends, your support and kind words mean the world to me as I step into this discomfort!